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Item # HE0009 Oil Bottle Cap Labels (2017 Kit)

Find your oils easily and make your bottles that much cuter with these cap labels that are color-coded to match each of the Young Living bottle labels.

Each sheet includes 5 sets of the 11 Premium Starter Kit (PSK) labels to tear off and share with your kit-loving friends, plus 55 other labels for our favorites outside of the kit.

The total number of each labels included are as follows:

Thieves: 5    Lemongrass: 2    Aroma Ease: 2
Digize: 5    Melrose: 2    Oregano: 2
Frankincense: 5    Tea Tree: 2    White Angelica: 2
Copiaba: 5   Cedarwood: 2    Joy: 2
Lemon: 5    Raven: 2    Motivation: 2
Stress Away: 5    Orange: 2    Valor: 2
Peppermint: 5    Tangerine: 2    Grounding: 2
Panaway: 5    Citrus Fresh: 2    Release: 2
Lavender: 5    M-Grain: 2    Bergamot: 2
Purification: 5    Dragontime: 2    Progessence Plus: 2
RC: 5    Idaho Balsam Fir: 2    Grapefruit: 2
Sacred Frankincense: 5    Peace & Calming: 2    Helichrysum: 1
Vetiver: 2    Gentle Baby: 2    Carrier oil: 2

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Roller labels 1
Item # HE0012 Roller Bottle Labels

These 1.6"x2.6" sticky labels will take your roller bottle blends from drab to fab! Great for your own personal collection, for Make+Take events, for sample giveaways or for gifts for friends. Customize your labels with up to 12 different blends per set. Labels come pre-cut to size so all you need to do is peel and stick on your 10mL roller bottles. Because masking tape just isn't as cute.

PLEASE NOTE: Per the Young Living Policies & Procedures, products you make that list "Young Living" on the label cannot be resold!


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