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Item # HE0053 Brochures (The Business of Young Living)

Share the business side of Young Living with these comprehensive business brochures. This colorful and beautifully designed brochure provides a simple, no-pressure way for you to give a snapshot introduction to the business. Available in packs of 50, grab some to hand out to all of your future team members, because as you already know, sharing is caring!

Details include: how to get started, a sneak peek of the income opportunity and compensation plan, an intro to our team, FAQs, and even terminology.


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Item # AS0036b Greeting Cards (Rank Announcement)

Senior Star

Digital rank announcements in The Distillery are special, but there's nothing quite like receiving a letter in your mailbox. Especially when it's written on one of these stylish watercolor-patterned greeting cards. At just $10 per pack, you can easily stock up on cards for the various ranks that you know your team will be hitting. Each pack of 10 cards includes 10 white envelopes.


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